Just when you’re starting to let those New Year resolutions slip away…don’t! Work it. On set. At home. In the office. Walking down the street. That’s my motto this year. WORKIT. Everything you do in life takes some work. This year will hit the two year mark of me living in the Philippines, and I want to make sure I have something to show for all the time I’ve spent here.

Physically, I do have a lot to show…magazines, campaigns, mall posters, commercials, etc. I’m definitely proud of it all. But THIS year it’s time to really make a mark. I’m sure there’s so much more that I can do. Let’s do this. Let’s WORKIT in 2016.

I want to put effort into every aspect of my life. Why not expand everything to the fullest? Show the most potential I can. Everywhere. Relationships. Health. Fitness. School (wish me luck in my SMC classes this year). Home. Work. It’s time to be MORE creative. MORE relaxed. MORE powerful. MORE giving. MORE successful.

It’s always optimistic and refreshing to start a new year. Keeping it that way is the hard part though, right? That’s why I say everything takes work. It takes work to stick to your goals, to keep your room clean, to go to the gym consistently. Even making sure you have relaxation time or getting to bed at a decent hour takes work for a lot of people.

Personally, I started off 2016 with a power cleaning, room renovation project with my boyfriend. We’ve lived together for over 8 months, and it was time to do a little redecorating (aka make the space more girly…shh). With some time and contemplation and heavy lifting (OK I didn’t have to do that part!), we managed to make the room actually look a whole lot bigger and prettier.

We moved furniture, added shelves, organized, and my favorite personal touch, some greenery! It’s really amazing what a few plants can bring to a once-dull room. And redecorating makes me happy! It’s an easy change to make, but it really brings a new energy to the room. My favorite home decor of 2016:

  • GREENS – My personal favorites are indoor succulents and cacti. I think it brings a clean and serene vibe to a home/room ( See more inspiration here ).


Organize. Plan. Attack.

Laptop case: Amazon・Planner: National Bookstore・Camera: Sony

For Christmas I got a new Macbook Pro and a new iPhone, as well as a Sony camera. I am so very thankful! All of my previous devices were old and malfunctioning. Now, I can properly work and document my life! This also motivated me to become more organized. I can share all my information between my devices; I can keep track of my jobs, my finances, my plans. It’s a really good feeling to have everything organized and easily accessible. I really recommend taking the time to go through old files, delete unimportant junk, make folders, and revamp your personal space as well as your workspace!

I also have a thing for planners. Already I’m starting to fill up my 2016 agenda with beach trips, family visits, weddings, and bookings. Planning vacations and booking trips in advance is not only cheaper (I’ve learned that the hard way) but it gives you something to look forward to. So far we’ve penciled in a Boracay trip, a Palawan getaway, my best friend and then my dad visiting, 6 or more weddings and fun events to attend.

My plan of attack for all that’s going on this year:

Workit. Make the most of the situations and enjoy them! 

I’ve finished my first job of the year, gotten my January editorials, and I’m getting into 2016 work mode. Exciting things happening this year, and I’m more than ready to charge full speed ahead into all the opportunities I have.

Below, my Dec/Jan editorial for Metro Magazine.

 Next, I have my schooling to look forward to (if that’s something to look forward to?), even though taking online classes isn’t the easiest, I’m determined to get it done and finish school. I’ve also promised to start learning Tagalog, so I’m hiring a tutor to teach me the language.

As much work as I need to do, I’ve found a few thingsare necessary so that I don’t get overloaded with stress and pressure and the hastiness that we sometimes get consumed by. I discovered my church back home (Hope Church) has a podcast, so I’ve taken up listening to that while I’m traveling, or working out, or before bed at night. It’s been a great help with calming and opening up my mind and becoming a better person. I also decided to start volunteering at PAWS, where I can help out stray pets and care for more than just myself and my own agenda! Even if it takes some time away from “work” it’s important to make space for other (things & people) in your life.


Find a few ways to treat yourself! Make yourself happy. It’s the simple things that make a difference. Drinking more water, removing your makeup every night, saying thank you more (having pillow fights with your sister and mom…because that really helps to de-stress lol).

Enjoy more! (My sister & mom, my best friends)
After all the hard work we put into our lives, we have to treat our bodies and minds right.
Take care of your health, your fitness, your skin, your sleeping habits and you will feel better and be much happier​….I promised myself to take better care of my hair! (It gets a beating sometimes in my line of work) So I stocked up on hair products, organic shampoos, serums, and vitamins this year.

I also decided to spend less time on my phone. Less unnecessary social media, more reading and activities. I finished my first book of the year,  Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella (It’s a cute and entertaining read). Next on my list is A Beautiful Fall, which I’ve actually read before, but it’s so inspiring and insightful and dramatically fashionable (if that makes sense?) that I have the itch to read it again. More yoga (If you know me, you know I am a Bikram yoga finatic, but I’m going to try anti-gravity, I’ll let you know how that goes!), more random dates with my boyfriend!, and more time for fun.

Lastly, I’ve added more gratitude, relaxation, and calm in my life. I have a tendency to want to do EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW…and I think I can exhaust some people in my life that way (mainly myself and my boyfriend whom accompanies me on all my “oh so important” tasks). Ha. So I decided to try and take a step back first, figure out whats important, and prioritize my time wisely. It’s been working out pretty well so far! I have more relaxation time to write, to read, and to be grateful for all the opportunities I have now and in the future (and I think my boyfriend is happier).

So, if your stuck on how exactly you want to start helping yourself, here are my favorite (small) ideas for starting and ending your day relaxed and stress-free!

 Happy New Year, everyone!


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